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NEW PROJECT - Official release 10/09/21

What we offer


The Lines of Work

1) If singing makes you happy, is a passion, whether you’re a composer or not, Hysterix can give you the essentials to give life to and build your project.  If this seems impossible to you, think again. There is a way to make such a project come to life within a reasonable budget. For those who wish to further their expectations, we offer coaches, professional musicians, arrangers, photographs and social media specialists.

2) If you are a musician looking intense musical experiences:

We meet many musicians working on cover projects. Hystérix has its own catalog of songs through its MADM training. We can offer something more creative to musicians looking for experience in that dimension, by working on their own compositions or joining in on ours.

3) If you are a company wishing to develop a human or marketing project:


Your company aims to define a personalized event or to have your own hymn, Hysterix is here to further you in your project. A member of your staff is a musician or singer? Great, this module is made for to you. Whether it be for a 2- or 5-minute piece, with Live Video sequences taken in the studio, Benoit, with experience in this field will guide you.


Step by Step



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Media management



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Benoît Roelens :Partner

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Pat the Champ : Partner



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